Amagezi School

The goal of Amagezi Primary School is to provide high-quality, Christ Centered education for local children; to help parents fulfill their educational obligation consistent with Christian teachings and ethics. Amagezi Primary Christian School aims to cultivate students with academic competence, high moral standards and who know, serve, and love God and their neighbor.

Our mottos are:

  • We respect others
  • Care for the facilities
  • Always tell the truth
  • Respect authority
  • Do not use authority to take advantage of others
  • Our classroom will reflect love

Each student is viewed as an individual “created in the image of God” (Gen. 1:27). The care for the students as an individual starts with the teachers and staff.

So at Amagezi we make sure we invest in our staff, so that they are equipped to be an example of Christ.

Our School’s Vision is to influence Culture Through Biblical Teaching

The objective of the school is not to be the ones to change culture or tribal heritage but to instill biblical truth in the students. We believe Kingdom culture is the culture all Christians should aim towards. Despite one’s individual culture and heritage, biblical teaching is the ultimate truth.

We believe that teaching the children and modeling behavior that exemplifies the desired behavior and character traits will begin to influence the children’s behavior in the school building and community.