Get Involved

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Pray with us

We strongly believe in the power of the One to whom we pray. Through prayer everyone can be involved in our mission, so we encourage you to pray with us:

We need God’s protection over our lives. Please pray for our health, for strength, guidance and wisdom in our day to day life.
Pray for the little children in our school, that they would know God and experience His love. Also pray for the salvation of their families.
Pray that our staff is a group of mature believers that can live life alongside the children and families God is allowing us to invest in.
We need resources and strength so we can finalize the buildings. Also we need wisdom in developing the ministry in this community.
that can offer consultations in our clinic in Buyaga.
pray for their salvation.

Join us

Each year we organize short term mission trips for people who want to serve God in Uganda.

Our approach regarding helping the community in which we work is a holistic one. Besides the financial, educational and social aspects, we place a special emphasis on the spiritual side, offering information, practical help and example of life from the biblical perspective.

The main activities for short term mission teams include: ministry among the children and teenagers, organizing games, handmade and educational activities.

Also, since we are still in construction phase with some buildings there are activities in which men are mainly involved, but sometimes even here there is the possibility for girls/women to get involved for the easier work.

This year we opened the Amagezi school, so there are also afterschool activities for the children in our school.

If you have a serving heart and you hear God’s calling to serve Him in Uganda, contact us: