Grain for Pain

Grain for Pain INC is a Non-Profit organization focused on fighting hunger in the Northern part of Africa. 

Grain for Pain raised funds from North America and Europe and successfully delivered sacks of grain to more than 10 000 people along the White Nile and the Upper Nile area of South Sudan. After people came out of drought, there was significant progress made towards restoration and stability in the country.

On December 15th, 2013 a conflict among the government officials spread at a national level and it started consuming the youngest nation on Earth from the inside out. United Nations declared a level 3 crisis in South Sudan. The numbers of people affected by this conflict are in the millions.

We realize that the need is greater than any one organization or even all of them combined could cover, so in 2015 we partnered with Grain for Pain in helping out the people of Sudan. We planted quality seeds and we were able to have 2 crops so far that have been distributed to the people in the refugees’ camp.

We can’t begin to imagine the horrors and hardship that Sudanese refugees have gone through and continue to face every day, but what we know and promise is that we will continue to provide grain and support in any way we can.

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