The Library

The Library in Buyaga is designed to serve the community, so that resources are available for all – adults and children, students and teachers, the literate and illiterate.

We still need to finalize the building, but we are planning to use it as a resource center for the people we serve.

The library will provide:

  • books, magazines and other materials in both English and the local language
  • an information and communications technology (ICT) section with computers
  • internet access (when available) and computer skills training
  • an early childhood section with child-friendly furniture, educational toys, and reading materials
  • a multimedia and communications section including TV, video, DVD player

After opening the Library we are also planning to have ongoing training programs and workshops relevant to the needs of the community such as literacy, livelihood skills, information technology, women’s empowerment and health.

We want to help people to become more economically independent, empowered and self-confident providing activities for children, youth and senior citizens, so that the community will become more aware of the value of education and knowledge.