Our Vision

Impacting & Changing Culture for Kingdom Purposes

“We must understand that transforming a society does not mean moving people from their prison into ours but rather helping them to know Christ and be transformed communally into people and communities of the Spirit. If we are to minister successfully to the members of a different society, therefore, we must learn about and participate in their culture.”

Quote from Ministering Cross-Culturally: An Incarnational Model for Personal Relationships by Sherwood Lingenfelter and Marvin K Mayers. Baker Academic, 2003. P. 120.


Hannah Christian Aid has a vision of serving the Ugandan people of Buyaga Village in a Christ-like manner to enrich the people’s spiritual, educational and material lives. The following information provides insight to ministering with a servant’s heart in cross-cultural environments to bring about eternal change not only for the village of Buyaga, but hopefully the nation of Uganda.